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Republic of the Philippines is a country in Southeast Asia at the Philippine archipelago. The total area of ​​the Philippines is 300,076 square kilometers. Situated in the western Pacific Ocean for more than 7 100 islands, of which the largest are Luzon (106,938 square kilometers) and Mindanao (98,692 square kilometers). From the east bordering the Philippines Philippine Sea, Celebes Sea in the south and west of the South China Sea. The capital city is Manila. Administratively divided into 13 regions, 73 provinces. Since 1993 it has introduced a partial autonomy of the Muslim provinces in Mindanao. The official language is Filipino and English, the monetary unit is the Philippine Peso. The Philippines is a former colony of Spain and the United States, causing the influence of Western culture on the islands.

Most of the islands of the Philippines lies in the volcanic and Earthquake tichooceánském band which accompanies the East Coast. The archipelago is so often punished by natural disasters each year are up to 19 typhoons hit each and every day there will be up to 20 earthquakes, most of them, fortunately, is so small that not even feel. Coast of the islands is quite rugged. Mountain ranges alternate with volcanic massifs and cones of active volcanoes, most of which is the Apo (2954 m). They are often covered with tropical rain forests, indigenous forests occupy over 36% of the total area of ​​the country. Rivers are short in the Philippines with uneven slope, the largest is Mindanao, which measures a mere 551 km. The lakes are mostly covered by lava flows, the largest is the Laguna de Bay.


The total population of the Philippines in 2007 was $ 88,574,614, of which over 95% of Filipinos are mostly of Malaysian origin. The rest are minorities of many nationalities. According to distinguish the language of about 70 ethnic groups, of which the largest are Tagalové, and Cebuánci Ilokánci. The Philippines is one of the only Roman Catholic country in Asia, the South appear also Muslims.

Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It lies on the southwestern coast of Luzon island off the east coast of Manila Bay. It lies almost at sea level - altitude is around just 14 meters away. Population of 2007 is 1660 714th The whole city but also includes over 10 million people (even unofficially 20 million) is among the largest urban agglomeration in the whole Southeast Asia.

Manila is the industrial, commercial and cultural center of the country. It is also an important seaport. Flanked by the Asian Development Bank. In addition, there are many museums, theaters, several universities and international airports.

The city was founded by the Spaniards in the 1571st From 1762-1764 it was occupied Britain. In 1941, Japan bombed Manila and was only liberated in 1945. The main town in the years 1571-1948 and since 1976.


The Philippines lies in the tropics, there is here is extremely high temperatures and humidity. The winter months, which are prevalent from November to February are warm and dry. The summer months from March to June are particularly hot. Colder and rainy, during June and October. 


The economy of the Philippines is officially designated for development. Although it is naturally agricultural, light industry and services here in a lately developed. In the past, the Philippines richest country in Asia after Japan, but has the economy in the early 80 declining for years, when world markets reducing the demand for local products. Economic recovery has since been compared with other Asian countries slow, the Philippines remains one of the poorest countries in the region. In 1998, it underwent a financial crisis, in which the country had made a lot of debts that today prevent attempts to improve economic status.

Philippines is the most important crops, rice, maize, cassava, banana and vegetables. It is also a major world producer of coconuts, which produce so-called copra, palm oil and pineapple. The livestock sector is expanded pig and fish.

The Philippines have a lot of mineral wealth. Extracted here-ferrous metal ores and gold. The industry is focused on agricultural products processing and manufacturing of basic consumer goods. There is thus expanded food processing, textiles, wood and even chemical.



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