Trip to the Philippines in August 2011

Holidays - Healing - Seminar

Date of the trip 1 - 17 August 2011
+ Opportunity to travel with Lino until 31 August - The island of Cebu, Mindanao, Bohol

Departure: 1.8.2011 Prague


Mindoro Island (10,245 square kilometers) is the fifth largest island in the Philippine archipelago and is divided into eastern and western part (province). The main sources of livelihood are fishing and the cultivation of rice, so the so-called Rice's certainly come a cascade. The outlook for much of the island can provide you with Mt. Halcon (2587 nm) in the northern part of the island and Mt. Baco (n.m. 2488 m) in the middle of the island.


Ragara Beach lies near Calintan on the west coast in the southern tip of Mindoro. This resort is considered one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in the west of Mindoro. Ragar Beach has fine sand and crystal clear sea. Truly unspoiled place that gives you the feeling that you are the first discoverer of the future demand tourist destinations. Beach and its surroundings you will receive. The resort offers standard amenities, which are used to foreign guests, and offers local and international cuisine. Some visitors from Germany to ragar selected for curative stays there for the healing power of nature. Ragar Beach offers massage and traditional healing practices that will make your stay truly exceptional. It is also the closest hotel site, if you want to take a trip to the National Park Mount Iglit-Baco, home of the famous buffalo endemic Tamaraw. Near the waterfalls can be found on the river Malatongtong in Burgos in Sablayanu and numerous community residents. Ragar is the starting point for adventure on coral reefs of Apo Reef. Motor Bank (local type of boat) to get the book bata fish-Taba